The transition from iOS to MAC OSX developement

After over two years of developing apps  for iOS, i felt pretty confident switching to mac OSX development, hoping that it would be a smooth transition. Well it certainly wasn’t. A lot of the frameworks you know and love on iOS behave differently/missing on OSX. For example, the UITableView on OSX (now called NStableView) has , not only rows, but columns as well and if you a re a big fan of NSfetchedResultsController, well forget about it on OSX. It dosen’t exist. You now have to learn about NSArray controllers and bindings.  In my experience it took me about ten days to get the hang of writing a simple mac osx app, learning about NSWindows, the damn flipped coordinate system and finding my way around the different way OSX developement works.

I’m sure a lot of other people new to the system will find dev on OSX a bit odd at first. So expect a lot of future blog posts with handy code snippets that should help those used to iOS dev transition easier to OSX, or at least more of me ranting!.